This page gives a basic overview of the game's mechanics.

Getting StartedEdit

When you start the game you will have a limited 20x20 grid to build your colony on. Each building consists of Cost, Maintainence, Requirements, Production, Source, and Transit of resources.

To build a building, click on any tile and a build list will come up. A good first building to make is a basic solar collector as it costs nothing and will generate energy and add additional energy storage to build new structures like a basic ore mine.

Cost and MaintainenceEdit

Cost of resources is broken down to two categories, build and maintainence. Build cost is how many resources are need to build the buiding on the moon surface. Maintainence cost is how many resources that building will consume every tick in order to produce a resource.


This determines what resource a building produces or stores and how much. There are 5 basic resources, energy, ore, oxygen, fuel, and colonist. There is also power output, this is what voltage of power this building will output when producing resources (if any).


Different buildings have different requirements, these are met by linking buildings with transit enaled objects. Example, a basic ore mine requires LV power in order to run and a basic solar collector outputs LV power. Using a LV cable you can connect the solar collector to the ore mine in order for the ore mine requirements to be met and start producing ore.

Source and TransitEdit

Buildings that are sources will output a resource or voltage of power when active/producing. These buildings need to be linked to others in order those other buildings requirements to be met.

Transit buldings or objects allow long distance connections to be made between two buildings.